Telephone Support

When calling us for technical support you must realize that you are talking to actual technicians in the same area as you. They are not paid for the time they spend helping customers on the telephone. Telephone calls should generally be limited to five minutes. If suggestions from the first five minutes are not helpful, you should bring your equipment to our office for us to diagnose.

Customer Utilities

WebMail Many prefer reading their e-mail on-line because you are less likely to download an email virus through a web-mail system. To log in type your full email address (ex: support@HTWC.Biz), enter your password, and click "Login". In the options for this web email client are many customizations and settings.

Through the options settings you can completely control how the interface works and looks. This web mail also has many features such as a calendar, tasks, news subscriptions, and notes that you may use. Some web browsers may have difficulty using the standard web mail system.

web mail system. Powercode - All of our recurring billing is calculated here. This is also where we store our customer information. If you have any recurring payments to us such as internet service(dial up or wireless), web hosting, or domain name registration you can view your account details here. Some of the information available to you here includes your account balance, current billing plan, and your usage statistics (wireless customers only). You may also use this site to update your contact information such as address and phone number. If you see that a payment is due you can make a credit card or paypal payment at the bottom of this page. Remember to include your name and service type in the 'subject' field of the payment screen

Consulting Services

Many businesses and medical facilities are feeling an overwhelming need for efficient, smooth running, and fast internet for many facets of their business. We know that computer systems and networks are only as reliable as the people who design and maintain them. HomeTown Wireless Employees are available for after hours and emergency (priority level 1) service seven days a week. Our staff has real world experience in a wide range of areas including enterprise network design and implementation, Microsoft technologies and tools, routers switches and bridges, with specialization in wireless network integration, virtual private networks, and inter-office collaboration..

Support FAQ and Policies

Wireless equipment will be purchased back from the customer if service cannot be provided at the level that was agreed to. If the service fails or we are otherwise unable to complete the installation a full refund will be credited to your account. However if the provider determines that the connection to the customer premise equipment (CPE) is adequate to supply the purchased connection speed, then a restocking fee will be applied. Wireless CPE devices are subject to high rate depreciation, this will be reflected in any returns made.